Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Heeehhh ?!?!?1

this is something from a friend I barely knew :
1. having abortion on her 4rd pregnancy -- they could not handle the cost for another child and the wife feels so exhausted raising the three children.
2. slamming the door at each other if they don't have thing in the same direction.mostly about "bed routine" (ngerti maksyut kyuuu...)
3. scold at her son only when "daddy" at the office
4.hanging around with other friend at anytime they like,just leave the children with boxes of milk with Granny and it's okay leaving them 2-3 day for just undestinied pleasure (beehhh...maksutnya???)
5. search over each other bag or purse or cellphone anytime each of them come home late...(hoping to see hotel's bill,"someone" number,hotel souvenirs or weird sms)
6. zoo inventory madness in front of the kids..

bagi aku ini aneh... how come not "cross by" in my marriage-realtionship? which one is normal? tapi suer aku juga ga mau ini kejadian ama aku. maksut ku,if we fight,can we stretch until we found a children-proof chamber????, atau bicarakan dengan baik2 -- nada suara yg baik,maksud yg baik,cara yg baik dan tujuan yg baik -- we adult train to do so,right??? pernah ga mereperasi pintu?? mahal apa murah..tau ga kalo engsel nya aja yg murse harganya minimal 60rb/engsel (ada merknya carrefour tuh..) how about fixing a on-whole door?? it's an expensive fight!!!. abortion? aaaa.... aku no comment! but..(comment juga!) should there be a condom,spiral, sterill tissue,calendar system..ato outside E? isn't children is the best gift ever? okay..enough...

I have another friend, everytime he fight with his wife. istrinya selalu minta cerai. abis gitu mah baikan lagi.. how easy that is to say,divorce me!!! beehhh????
setiap mereka abis berantem selalu press-release ama tetangga..

Okay, so how a marriage couple fight should be?

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