Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Finding nemo, Finding Pathway, Finding Life

 Script : 34

CRUSH : Whoa. Kill the motor, dude. Let us see what Squirt does flying solo.
SQUIRT : Whoa! Whoa! That was so cool! Hey dad, did you see that? Did you see me? Did you see what I did?
CRUSH : You so totally rock, Squirt! So give me some fin..noggin..
CRUSH/SQUIRT : ..dude!
CRUSH : Oh, intro. Jellyman, Offspring. Offspring, Jellyman.
SQUIRT : Jellies? Sweet.
CRUSH : Totally.
MARLIN : Well, apparently, I must've done something you all like. Heh, uh, dudes.
SQUIRT :  You rock, dude.
CRUSH : Curl away, my son. Aw, it's awesome, Jellyman. Little dudes are just eggs, leave 'em  on the beach to hatch, then coo-coo-ca-choo, they find their way back to the big 'ol blue.
MARLIN : All by themselves?
CRUSH : Yeah.
MARLIN : But-but-but dude, how do you know when they're ready?
CRUSH : Well, you never really know. But when they'll know, you'll know, you know? Ha.

Ayah : we always try to make dawwi ready ..but are we ready to get to know the fact if he’s already ‘ready’?

Me    : I dunno … I’m afraid if  he’ll be not ready at ‘his’ time then

Ayah : so the true is we are the one who's worry for him not getting ready, which is probably wrong

Me    : heheheh

Ayah : let’s pray, the rest is Allah pathway


I guess this is the point of making Dawwi ready : “Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it. ~ Lou Holtz

Build his ability, gain his motivation and create the attitude


Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow; it empties today of its strength. ~ Unknown

Yes, drowning my self into this –mistakenly-misserably-feeling-self-created-  is getting me no where. It’s loosen up my energy, my common sense and my sanity.  Tomorrow awaiting with big ‘hole’ to fill in and it’s serious. I really need to get ready to make my son ready and to find the sign if he’s ready. He will be a citizen of the universe and all we need is big .. big .. trust ..


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